Your home for
amazing Brows &
Facial Rejuvenation

Cosmetic tattoo, lash & brow styling,
and anti-aging treatments

Your home for amazing Brows & Facial Rejuvenation

Cosmetic tattoo, lash & brow styling, and anti-aging treatments

Our mission is simple. For you to wake up feeling fresh faced and Brow Game ready… but not too ready! We only produce the most natural looking results to suit your perfectly bare beauty. 

How We Can Help


The best tattoo you’ll never see

Start every day with the most natural looking, subtle perfection. With cosmetic tattooing we create full and feathery brows, lash liners, and translucent looking lip blush. 

We stand strong against a ‘wake up with makeup’ look! The only un-natural look we believe in, is one that can be washed off.

Enhance your best you

Our Cosmetic Injector nurses specialise in anti-aging treatments with an utmost approach to balancing the synergy of facial features, brows, and cosmetic enhancements.

Your best brows at the bat of a Lash

Our signature custom treatments will keep your brows on point and lash game strong, this is an essential part of what we do! Brow waxing, tinting, trim & tweeze, lash lifts, henna and brow (lift) lamination are just a few faves, with add-on options such as lip and chin waxing.

Become a Brow Boss!

From beginner to advanced levels, our Educator and team are dedicated to the success each student achieves once they complete their chosen course with us. We’ve raised the brow-game with our signature ‘Brow Focus’ course, which covers everything Cosmetic Eyebrow Artistry including Machine and Microblade feathering and Ombrè techniques.

Kind Words

Eyebrows! The one things I can get into shape without exercising. Shout out to Talina over at My Rejuvenate for ‘powdering’ my eyebrows. Lasts up to 3 years!

Kate Peck, Model & TV presenter!

As an exercise physiologist, business owner, brand ambassador and runner I struggle to find time for grooming. Getting my brows done with Talina has made a huge difference to my daily routine. My brows were uneven and thin as a result of excessive plucking, I had to pencil them in every morning. Getting my eyebrows feathered gave me a natural look and saved lot of time. Now I don’t have to waste my time trying to pencil brows at 5am or between running and work. Now I look good in all my race photos!

Veronika Larisova, exercise physiologist, Co-Founder of Chief Bar

As the owner of Lash Couture I’m careful where I send my valued clients to have their brow work done. I ONLY send them to Talina! Her work is perfection and pricing is great.

Chelsea Paton, beauty therapist and business owner

Thanks so much Talina, I love my brows, the shape is EPIC! I don’t know how I didn’t have this before. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with me.

Libby Babet, trainer at The Biggest Loser Transformed, founder of AGOGA Bondi and BUF Girls

I’ve had my eyebrows done by Talina and it was the best decision I made! I work in the fitness industry and have super early starts and am constantly active, not having to worry about my brows sweating off and just throwing on some mascara and lip gloss with a feeling of ‘ready to go’ is life changing! I’ve since converted my mom and girlfriends to have a brow-tervention as well.

Lacey Lopez, model, fitness & beauty

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We take careful steps to ensure the only regret you experience, is not booking in sooner. Please peruse the pre-treatment considerations to find out more regarding contraindications and precautions.

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